Joy&Jayde | Niagara Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Joy and Jayde. It was so interesting to see their completely different personalities come out – even at only a couple days old! Joy is on the purple and Jayde is on the grey!

Best friends.  Joy

Jayde On my way to the session I came up with the idea for this set up and stopped to pick some wildflowers. I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I love the similarities and the differences that suit each girl perfectly. 

Aria | Niagara Newborn Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer01 Aria had so many smiles for me during her session. I was so happy to be able to capture them for mom and dad. And those chubby cheeks – perfection!liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer07 This 7 pound baby looks so tiny yet SO CHUBBY all at the same time. I’m loving how this pose shows off her belly! liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer04 I tried some different colours and textures with Aria’s portraits. I would love to know what you think of it – leave your comments below!
liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer06 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer05 I have waited a year for the perfect baby to début this bonnet and wooden crate. liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer02liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer08liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_newborn_photographer03

Alexis | One Year | Niagara Child Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer8 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer2I’m always a little sad when babies come in for their birthday session – the last in my Baby’s First Year package.

It’s so great watching them grow and reach new milestones. We planned a vintage theme for Alexis’ portraits, using a rug and birdcage from her bedroom I love the way these came out.

This regularly very happy girl was a bit of a mama suck during her session – and almost impossible to get to smile! However after asking mom to “take a walk” and a bit of convincing she came around and gave me some smiles. liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer9 I’m in love with this portrait of Lex and her moms tears told me she was too. liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer3liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer6 All the little details. liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer5 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer4liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer12 Alexis found the records – and she loved them. I can’t say I blame her, if you don’t like records your crazy! liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer1

Want to see the rest of the portraits? Here are the links! Newborn | 3 Month | 9 Month

Alexis | 9 Months | Niagara Child Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer01 Alexis is part of my Baby’s First Year family. I can’t believe that I only have one session left, this year has flown by! These are some of my favourite portraits from her nine month session. Her mom and I came up with this vintage theme for her First Year. I’m excited to show you what we have planned for her Birthday portraits!!

Eira | Niagara Child Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer07 Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing 6 month old Eira. I rarely do 6 month portraits – because it’s not part of my Baby’s First Year package – but Eira made me fall in LOVE with this stage! I can’t get enough of her sweet face.liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer10 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer03 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer11 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer04 Of course we had to sneak in a few with mom! liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_child_photographer06

Alexis | 3 Month Mini | Niagara Child Photographer


Alexis is part of my Baby’s First Year family, I can’t believe it has already been 3 months since I captured Lex’s newborn portraits! I sat down with her mom and together we came up with a theme for her first year portraits – vintage chic. I am so excited to continue photographing this happy girl! liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children_family02
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children_family03 How cute is this diaper cover that Lex’s mom made! It’s perfect for the vintage theme we have going on. Good job Tara!! liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children_family06 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children_family07 I got this shot while Tara was calming a hot, cranky Lex and I absolutely love it! Completely natural, unposed shot – just pure love!liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children_family04 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children_family05

What will you have?

©Liz Czinege PhotographyWhen our parents and grandparents took photos it was to document. But it recently occurred to me that today’s generation take pictures to share, on facebook.. on instagram.. but these photos never seem to get printed.  They’re snapshots that scream “Hey, look at my food!” (I’m definitely guilty of doing this.)  Our photos have turned into a way to share – with complete strangers – exactly what we’re doing at that exact time, rather then documenting the people we’re doing it with and the special times in our lives.

Recently my Grandmother passed away and when we sat down to look through photos, all of those photos meant something. They all had a story and through a sequence of a few photos we could figure out what that story was.

When I pass away, how will people look through my digital photographs? On a computer? There’s just something different about holding a photograph in your hand and passing it around the table – gathering around – laughing, sheading a tear; remembering.

What is going to happen to your photos when Facebook inevitably goes down the drain, or your computer crashes, or when CDs go the way of the floppy disk? Will you still have photos to hold in your hands?

Photographs are best viewed in print.