Joy&Jayde | Niagara Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Joy and Jayde. It was so interesting to see their completely different personalities come out – even at only a couple days old! Joy is on the purple and Jayde is on the grey!

Best friends.  Joy

Jayde On my way to the session I came up with the idea for this set up and stopped to pick some wildflowers. I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I love the similarities and the differences that suit each girl perfectly. 

Stella&Amelia | Niagara Newborn Photographer

liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer01What’s better than one baby? TWO! Amelia and Stella were my first ever twins. They both rocked their session. I was shocked that the part I was most concerned about (posing two babies at the same time!) turned out to be the easiest poses of the day. They did not want to be alone for their individual poses.

We cut off their hospital bracelets after I arrived and I was telling them apart by the acne on their faces. (Plus Stella’s skin was a little more pink and Amelia’s a little more olive.)  Hopefully Mom and Dad are having an easy time telling them apart still!

Amelia, liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer02Stella, liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer03Stella left, Amelia right. So excited I got to use this headband set! They look so sweet on the girls wrapped in the lace. liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer04It’s up for debate whether these two are identical or not, what are your thoughts?liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer05At one point Stella (left) was fussing, Amelia threw her arm across Stella and she almost instantaneously stopped fussing. Twins amaze me! liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer06Two babes in a basket, the blanket they’re laying on was made by their grandmother.

liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer07liz czinege niagara grimsby newborn twin photographer08Such a beautiful family. I’m so happy Mom suggested that we do the family portraits in her room! liz-czinege-niagara-grimsby-newborn-twin-photographer09.jpg

Katelin | Niagara Maternity Photographer

liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_10 Beautiful family, perfectly overcast, calm water – every photographer’s dream. Minus the mosquitoes – I’m still itching!

This beautiful mama is due with twin boys in about a month and I can’t get over how amazing she looks! Everything came together so perfectly for their portrait session. There is really nothing else for me to say, the images say it all.
liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_03 Katelin and Ricky have never had their portrait taken together – CRAZY – I’m glad we captured a few of just the two of them! They’re so natural together.liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_02 Kinley is going to be a great big sister! liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_15 I love this beach, it’s got a little bit of everything. liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_04 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_05 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_14 Kinley was practising her poses all day. She’s a dancer so obviously we had to get some twirling portraits!liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_11This family is the cutest!! liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_07 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_06 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_16 Can’t forget portraits of big sis.
liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_12 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_08 Last portrait of the evening – with a ship in the background – typical Port Colborne. liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_hamilton_niagara_09