Joy&Jayde | Niagara Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Joy and Jayde. It was so interesting to see their completely different personalities come out – even at only a couple days old! Joy is on the purple and Jayde is on the grey!

Best friends.  Joy

Jayde On my way to the session I came up with the idea for this set up and stopped to pick some wildflowers. I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I love the similarities and the differences that suit each girl perfectly. 

Simpson’s Part Two | Niagara Family Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_family_photographer002In November I photographed the first part of this session with the Simpson’s, then I came back again in December when Julia and Evie’s grandparents and Aunt arrived from Australia! This is just one of those families you can’t help but fall in love with – plus the accents, come on, who doesn’t love an Australian accent??!
liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_family_photographer003 Julia’s bedroom is just gorgeous and the lighting was perfect! I especially love the little koala’s – a constant reminder of her Aussie roots. These photographs turned out to be so natural and cozy, I’m in love with this little in-home session. liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_family_photographer004 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_family_photographer005 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_family_photographer006 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_family_photographer007 Every once in a while you just need to trow up your hands and have a dance party! liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_family_photographer001