Maternity Misconceptions

Maternity Portraits.

Liz Czinege Niagara Hamilton Maternity Photographer

Chances are one of three thoughts just popped into your head; “I feel fat”, “I don’t want to end up on” or “I don’t want to be naked!” The truth is there are a lot of rumors going around about maternity portraits. Most of these are false – yes, there are fauxtographers who still go about maternity portraits in this way – but there are professional photographers who are reinventing maternity portraits and it is our job to educate the public.

This time in your life should be treated like it is – special. It is my personal mission to make every expecting mom look and more importantly feel beautiful!

Let’s address your first concern – you feel fat. Here’s the truth; you are beautiful. I photograph my moms between 28-32 weeks. This is when your bump looks best, and you still feel good. Every maternity experience begins with hair and make-up done by professionals in their fields. I love taking this opportunity to pamper my moms; on this day it’s all about you. Chances are you haven’t had your hair and make-up done professionally since your wedding, so sit back and relax! Once the girls have made you look gorgeous, it’s my turn. I will give you professional guidance on how to pose to make your body look amazing – regardless of how big you feel!

Your next concern – awkward poses. I promise you will not end up on I address maternity portraits like any other glamour portrait session, I aim to make my clients look and feel beautiful. I pose all the women I photograph in a way that compliments their individual bodies. The poses and my style of photography are natural and timeless.

Liz Czinege Niaraga Maternity Photographer

Which brings us to your next point – being naked. The option to be nude, clothed entirely head to toe or somewhere in between is entirely yours. There are many styles to choose from when photography glamour portraits. Artistic figure studies can be beautiful – when done correctly. We can go for the girly look and wrap you in beautiful tulle, or a model Calvin Klein look. And there is always the option to do environmental portraits with a beautiful outfit. The options are endless. During your pre-consultation we will discuss your personal styles and preferences and come up with a session custom to you.

I feel very strongly that it is important to document this time in your life, for your children’s sake. Years from now your children will cherish these portraits. I promise you, no matter how you feel about your body, you are still the most gorgeous woman in the world to your children.

And your last un-spoken concern – price. Alone, the maternity experience is $200. But when you book newborn portraits, you receive a $125 credit to be used towards your maternity portraits. So in other words – if you book your newborn in for portraits, your maternity session will only cost $75!  Still worried about your budget? When you refer your friends to Liz Czinege Photography you receive a $40 print credit when they complete their session. Additionally, if you are having a baby shower, you can register with Liz Czinege Photography and give your friends and family the option of contributing towards your portrait sessions!