The Kriter’s | Niagara Family Photographer

When Tanya contacted me about family portraits, she said her youngest was very shy and probably wouldn’t co-operate. I assured her that it would be okay, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and for some reason kids are drawn to me. BUT I got to the session and I didn’t have to use any of my tricks!! Tanya had shown Logan photos of me leading up to the day and as soon as I got there she was all smiles!

Doing close up portraits of the kids while posed with Mom and Dad is my new favourite!  So much love these girls have for each other!  Oh Logan, I can’t believe your Mom was worried about you being shy for the session. SO MANY FACIAL EXPRESSIONS this girl has and all of them amazing!  I hear Callie quietly tell her mom that her cheeks hurt. So I let them in on a little secret – sometimes your face just needs a little squish to help those cheeks relax! Gotta have a little bit of fun during the session! 

Lilyanna | Port Credit Newborn Photographer

liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer01Lilyanna decided to arrive ten days early instead of on Christmas! Being a fellow December baby, she’s one lucky girl!  7 pounds 6 ounces of pure sweetness. A little over a year ago I was photographing her parents wedding and now baby makes 3! I love everything about this little one, from the way she sleeps with her mouth slightly open, to how she sticks the tip of her tongue out and those ittybitty little fingers and toes. Eeee! She’s just so sweet!liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer02 It took a little convincing but once Lilyanna fell asleep, she was out for the long haul and I was able to capture these adorable sleeping poses.liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer03 Someone’s gonna have red highlights, heheheh. My favourite!liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer04 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer05 I’ve been loving the non-neutrals lately. Who doesn’t love a little (or a lot) or pink!
liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer06 How sweet are these family portraits?! I can’t wait to see them framed around their house!
liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer07 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer08 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_newborn_photographer09Dan&Danielle, you make cute babies. I can’t wait to watch her grow!