Tara&Seth | Niagara Engagement Photographer

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing Tara and Seth in Stevensville.

These two have been together for three years. From the time I’ve spent with them I can tell that they are great together, and are wonderful parents to their massive furry baby! And although I’m sure Seth loathed me for making him pose in front of the camera, I love the way their portraits turned out.

liz czinege niagara hamilton engagement photographer_1 The photography gods have been on my side lately!  It had been cold and rainy all day but it stopped a few minutes before our session – and the sun even came out! While I was driving home it started to rain again, talk about luck!liz czinege niagara hamilton engagement photographer_3 liz czinege niagara hamilton engagement photographer_2 liz czinege niagara hamilton engagement photographer_4 liz czinege niagara hamilton engagement photographer_5 I’m so glad they decided to bring Cavot along! liz czinege niagara hamilton engagement photographer_7I can not wait to photograph their intimate backyard wedding next October.


June 2012
While we were driving between locations Jessy told me about Kyle and herself. The story gave me goosebumps!

They met at curling when they were 15 years old. Jessy told me she knew right away that she liked him because “He was the first guy that I was every shy around, and I’m not a shy person!” A few months later Kyle asked Jessy to be his girlfriend in a game of hangman, love it!

The story of the proposal is always my favourite part of the engagement sessions.
Kyle had been waiting in Jessy’s dark bedroom for her to get home from work. Jessy’s brother was out of the house, and he’d snuck into their house and worked out his game plan. Finally his plan was in place; he’d thrown a sock in the entrance way and boxers on the stairs, along with various other items of clothing. He’d made a trail for Jessy to follow, up the stairs and into the bedroom where he was waiting on one knee. He heard the key turn in the door.

After a long day at work Jessy wanted nothing more then a hot bubble bath. She got home and started talking to her cats, in a way that any cat lover would talk to their “children”. But her loving talk quickly turned into anger when she found the clothes thrown away. She thought it was her cats that had gotten into the laundry and thrown the clothes around. She walked upstairs in the dark, not bothering to turn any lights on. When she went into her room and found a man in the dark she screamed and ran into the hallway. It took her a few minutes to realize that it was Kyle, at which point she screamed “He’s on one knee!” and the rest is history!

After their engagement they moved to Alberta but are coming back to the Niagara Region to get married. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in October 2013!


I met my best friend Carlie 17 years ago, growing up together I got to know her sister Kerri. She was like the sister I never had. I was so happy when I learnt that she got engaged to Ryan. When Kerri asked me to do her engagement photos and photograph her wedding in September I was so excited!

In May, we had the special opportunity to go beyond the gates of Point Abino and photograph on one of the estates, it is such a beautiful community. I love the photos that I captured of these two, they’re so in love!

Serena&Luke|Destination Wedding

Two years ago, November, 2010, my cousin Serena, asked me if I would take her engagement photos. Of course I said yes! I was still attending college at the time and this was to be my first ever engagement session, I was so excited!

A few months later she asked if I would be the photographer for her destination wedding in Jamaica! Of course I said yes; I get to photograph my cousin on her big day and spend a week in the sun surrounded by family, who could say no??

The day finally came and Serena&Luke, accompanied by 45 guests, arrived at Gran Bahia Principe Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. The weather that week could not have been better; hot and sunny! The resort was gorgeous, but some might argue that more importantly, it had thee best Jerk Chicken!

During the week I had the chance to get to know Luke and his family a little better.  Luke is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met; polite, well raised. (Is that still something people say?). His parents are incredibly kind, my cousin is a very lucky girl.

I couldn’t wait to photograph Serena and Luke. Every where they went the Jamaicans called them colouring books because of the amount of tattoos they have. I knew that these were not going to be your typical photos, I couldn’t wait to get some unique shots!  The day of the wedding we woke up to a cloudy sky, but by 4pm the sky was clear and it was a perfect day for a wedding. A beautiful day with beautiful people.

The maids decorated the room for the occasion. It was gorgeous, flowers completely covered the bed.

I was able to slip away from the girls for a few minutes while they are getting dressed to spend time with the guys before the wedding. I love how casual these photos turned out, the guys were so laid-back!

Serena was such a beautiful bride!At 4pm, Serena and her father began walking down the aisle.

In keeping with the Jamaican spirit, when asked if he took Serena to be his wife, Luke responded with “Ya Mon!”

It was pretty windy at the gazebo by the ocean, but it kept the guests cool!

The Ceremony was short and sweet, the Bride and Groom walked down the aisle and the champaign was popped!

I love this photo of Luke and his Mom.

Serena and Luke accompanied by their guests.

I love this photo, Serena&Luke are a gorgeous couple.

It was a little hectic and we tried to get all of the photos before we ran out of light, but the setting sun was so pretty!

I saved the best for last! This was the last photo I took that day, and it turned out to be my favourite!

I am so honoured that I got the opportunity to be part of Serena&Luke’s big day!