Synder | Hamilton Family Photographer

liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton01 This family was one of the lucky winners of my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways. From our pre-consultation I knew that this session was going to be great! Mom did a great job coordinating outfits and regardless of how cold and windy it was the kids did AMAZING. Doing exactly what I asked without and “no’s” or complaints. I can’t not say enough about this family, they were picture perfect and so easy to pose! liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton02 Typical boy. Hehehe. This photograph makes me laugh. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton03 Cozying up in a blanket. (It was so cold and windy!)liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 I love this family! liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 Had to sneak a few of mom and dad of course!liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton06 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton07 Seriously, this kids though. So beautiful, or handsome in Austin’s case. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton08 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton09 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton10 Mia looked so cute standing by the fence, I couldn’t resist a few extra shots of her. So dainty and petite. Guh. ADORABLE!
liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton11 I hope I get the chance to photograph this family again in the future. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton12

Elizabeth | Niagara Maternity Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer03 I met with Elizabeth and Wesley back in January to book their maternity and newborn portraits. The time has gone by so quickly, in a few short weeks they will be meeting their baby! I can’t wait to meet their new addition – and check out all of the great work working  that Wesley has done for their baby!

The hair and makeup ladies did a marvellous job enhancing Elizabeth’s glow!  She was stunning for her portraits!
liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer13liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer01 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer02 I love these two, they were so happy during their session. Especially Wesley – it’s so rare for the men to be interested in the session. I definitely take advantage when I can!! liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer09 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer12 This may be one of my all time favourite portraits. liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer05 liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer14How perfect is this dress. Plus the lighting – ah,  I’ve been waiting all winter for a session like this. Mother nature was so good to us.
liz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer07 I can’t wait to see you two in a few weeks!! Till then. xoliz_czinege_niagara_hamilton_maternity_photographer11