Eve | Niagara Portrait Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer01Yesterday I spent some time with my friend’s daughter. It was a beautiful fall day so we decided to head out for a bit of fun and capture the colours. My soul is happy!liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer02We also brought along Eve’s dog Kingston. He wasn’t impressed with our shenanigans, but he just matched so perfectly! liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer04liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer03
liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer05 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer06 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer07 This portrait is one of my favourites from the session. Sunset and a gorgeous girl, what more could a photographer ask for?! liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer08 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer09 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer12 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer13 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer11 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_portrait_photographer10

Brianna & Keith | Niagara Couple Photographer

liz czinege couple engagement photographer02Brianna, of Hillier Photography, is based out of Waterloo, Ontario. We got in touch via Facebook – one way or another, you know how those things happen – and we realized that we both attended Fanshawe College (Brianna a year ahead) and we had never met! We’ve been chatting, making plans to work alongside each other, but when Brianna asked me to capture some new head shots for her I was immediately nervous! It is a huge compliment when a fellow photographer asks you to photograph them, but it is 100% completely nerve-wracking! But like always, once I started shooting the nerves were gone and we had a lot of fun! liz czinege couple engagement photographer05 liz czinege couple engagement photographer04 liz czinege couple engagement photographer01 liz czinege couple engagement photographer06 After Brianna and I were finished with her portraits we dragged Keith in for a few. These two are a beautiful couple, so cuddly and so in love!liz czinege couple engagement photographer09 liz czinege couple engagement photographer08 liz czinege couple engagement photographer12 liz czinege couple engagement photographer07 liz czinege couple engagement photographer11 liz czinege couple engagement photographer10

Newborn Memory Books | Niagara & Hamilton Newborn Photographer

liz czinege niagara hamilton newborn child photographer2

I just recently put together this Newborn Book for a client, and I actually remembered to photograph it so I could share it with all of you!

These hard cover books make a great keepsake from your newborn session. Each book is custom designed with photographs the client has chosen from their session.  The book has a suede wrapped spine, accented with a beautiful white stitching. These books are made to last a long time, the thick pages are reinforced so they lay flat and won’t tear from the spine. They are also coated with UV protection to ensure that it will not discolour or fade.

liz czinege niagara hamilton newborn child photographer3 The name page is one of my favourite parts of the book. It is a great way to include your baby’s birth information along side their newborn portraits. liz czinege niagara hamilton newborn child photographer1These hard cover books are available in two sizes; 5×5 and 8×8. They hold anywhere from 15-30 images depending on the size and photographs that you choose. Also included are the digital files for the chosen photographs on a custom engraved USB.

My clients love these book especially, because I do not offer complete sets of digital files on disk/USB. However anything you purchase in print you receive the digital copy for, so this is a great way to receive your favourite digital files from the portrait session.

Of course these books can be filled with portraits from any type of session, not just newborns! For information on products and portrait sessions email me at liz.czinege@gmail.com.

Till next time,

Vicki | Best Friend Series

This is Vicki.
Fellow photographer&partner in crime! We have been friends since our college days – which seems like a million years ago! – now we live 150km apart but we make it work!
Vicki was down this past weekend to celebrate her birthday so I decided to photograph her and make her the next lady in my Best Friend Series!

Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton2 Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton1 Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton3 Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton4

Carlie | Best Friend Series

I am so lucky to have some of thee most beautiful people as my friends – both inside and out. So I’ve decided to photograph them over the next few weeks and share their portraits with the world. I’m calling it “The Best Friend Series” keep checking back for more gorgeous women!

Meet Carlie. 
I’ve been friends with Carlie for 18 years. She’s an amazing person – and one of thee funniest people I know.

Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton9
Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton4Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton8 Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton7Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton5 Liz Czinege Portrait Photographer Niagara Hamilton6