Fresh Air Fund | Bus Arrival

A couple of months ago a friend asked if I would volunteer my time to the Fresh Air Fund. I had never heard of the Fresh Air Fund so they invited me to one of their meetings. We sat and talked (mostly about logistics of bringing the children and planning events) but at one point we went around the table and everyone told their favourite story about FAF. I was moved to tears listening to their stories and their passion. The Fresh Air Fund brings children from New York City and pairs them with host families in Ontario (and across the States) were they can get away from the concrete jungle and just be kids!

Fast forward to yesterday, it was bus arrival day!! Most of the kids were coming back to stay with the same host family as previous years. They were welcomed back with signs – and LOTS of hugs!

Waiting for the bus to arrive.

There are several events planned for the Fresh Air Fund Families this summer and I can’t wait to be a part of it! If you’re looking for more information about the FAF you can check out their website at

Ava | First Communion

In March I got an email from Shelley inquiring about photographing her daughter before her First Communion. After I met with the Shelley&Peter I knew it was going to be a great session. Shelley had arranged for Ava to get their hair done in the morning, she had a beautiful white dress to wear – with a tiara! – and the photos were to be taken at the Crowne Plaza in Niagara Falls before brunch. I had never been there before but they assured me it was a beautiful old building, they definitely didn’t oversell it – it’s gorgeous!

The morning of the First Communion and Ava and her family were undoubtedly up early. Ava was such a trooper for me; she smiled beautifully – even through quite a few yawns. It was only 10am, her day was just beginning and she was already tired, poor girl! But it was worth it, she looked like a little bride – so pretty – and she will have these photos to look back on for the rest of her life.

Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton10

How gorgeous are this girls eyes??! Lovely!

Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton01 Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton02

Proud Parents!Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton11

The Seca’s are a gorgeous family, I loved working with them! They definitely made it easy on me – perfect smiles all around!Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton013

Of course we had to get a few glamor shots of Hannah&Noah for mom – it’s not every day that the whole family is dressed up!

Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton12

I love the old architecture in this building. Built in 1929, the Crowne Plaza was originally named Hotel General Brock, after Sir Isaac Brock.  Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton04

Shelley took this photo of Ava and I before I left and was nice enough to send it to me. I love having photos with my clients!

Liz Czinege Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton06