The Skinner’s | Lincoln Family Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer01 I’m a little lot late posting this. Last month I had the pleasure of photographing this family. The daughter’s got together and purchased this portrait session as a gift for their mother. (A GREAT idea for those hard to buy for parents!) I knew the session was going to be great from the first contact I had with Mom – “I’ll have the coffee ready.” She knows the way to my heart! It was one of the hottest days of the summer, but they were all troopers and put up with my shenanigans, even the littlest two! Afterwards they invited me to stay for the most delicious dessert ever. I had a lot of laughs with these guys! liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer02 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer03 How adorable is this image of the girls with their Auntie. So natural, I love it!
liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer04 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer05 The ladies of the family.liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer06 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer07 Always gotten sneak in a couple of Mom and Dad!liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer08 I love a classic black and white. Thank you so much for putting up with me all day! liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_family_photographer09

Nicholas | Ancaster Newborn Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer01 This little munchkin was only 6 pounds when I photographed him. He is such a sweet little boy, he slept through the ENTIRE session and we were done in record time – less than two hours! (I not so secretly love premies. Super tiny and bendy and sleepy, you can’t go wrong.)liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer02 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer03 Not very many babies are comfortable going into this pose, but he rocked it – and so did his sister a few years ago!liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer04 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer05 Nicholas has HUGE hands, he’s going to be a big boy!liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer06 See you in a couple months Nicholas!liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer07

Mason | Niagara Newborn Photographer

liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer01 At two weeks old Mason was 10 pounds of pure sweetness. I was a little nervous going into this session, I never know how a newborn is going to go – especially after 10 days – but Mason was so patient with me. We started his portraits session in his nursery, which I am completely obsessed with! His mama put a lot of time into his gorgeous room!

I’m in love with this portrait, this little family is adorable. liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer04 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer05 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer06 These little toes though, I just want to kiss them!liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer07 liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer08 I hope to see this little man again soon!liz_czinege_niagara_grimsby_newborn_photographer09