Eliza’s Life Series | Niagara Child Photographer

liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton02 Here are the latest portraits of Eliza. Thank god for mild days in November, I’ve been soaking them up! liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton03liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton01 liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 The “outtakes” from my sessions with Eliza always end up being my favourites. This is the girl that I see everyday, with a personality all too familiar to me.  liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton06 Eliza’s Life Series. It’s hard to believe how much thy can change in 6 short months. liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton07

While I was at it, I managed to grab a few portraits of my niece and nephews all together! Matthias and Eliza love their new little (not to little, what the heck!) cousin so much.


The DeMeester’s | Hamilton Family Photographer

liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton01 This was the second time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this growing family. Last Sunday the location was GORGEOUS and the weather was perfect for family portraits. 17 degrees in November? We’ll take it! liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton02
Miss Addy is a bit of a wild child, like every two year old. But I love the expressions we got from her. She’s the sweetest little girl!liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton03 Kisses for her little brother, so sweet and gentle. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 So much fun. I love Mom and Brock in the foreground. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton06 Capturing ‘in between’ moments like this is my favourite. Just 100% completely natural. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton07 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton08How perfect are Brock’s eyes?! I’m obsessed! liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton09 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton10I can’t wait to photograph this family again!

Dylan | Niagara Newborn Photographer

liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton01 Mr. Dylan decided he wanted to have the COOLEST BIRTHDAY EVER when he arrived early on Halloween.  He is 8 pounds of pure sweetness and he slept for the entire session and was so tolerant to me posing him. liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton02 That little bum, hehehe. liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton03 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton05liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton06One of my favourite shots from the session. liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton07 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton08 I can’t wait to photograph Dylan (and his siblings) again!liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton09

The Smiths | Niagara Family Photographer

liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton01 This was my second session at this location in two weeks and it hasn’t gotten old yet! The colours were GORGEOUS and of course this family too. Kyle took a lot of convincing to get these photographs but it was definitely worth it, we got some great ones for this family! liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton02 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton03 Sad to happy in 2.6 seconds with the help of some bubbles. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 This little guy has the coolest eyes! liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton06 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton07 Normally I’m not into “Hey lets throw some leaves for a photo” but when the 2 year old is pretty much over the session, I’m willing to do anything. Plus. HOW CUTE IS THIS PHOTOGRAPH! liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton08

Danielle | Niagara Maternity Photographer

liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton02Last October I photographed Danielle and Dan’s Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding. Exactly a year later I had the honour of capturing Danielle’s maternity portraits while they await the birth of their Christmas baby. We did something a little different with her session – splitting the session between traditional outdoor portraits and studio portraits – and Danielle rocked them both! liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton01
I love this black and white conversion. Isn’t she stunning?!liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton03 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 It was a tad bit windy, but it worked perfectly with this dress. liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton06 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton07 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton08 liz_czinege_maternity_photographer_niagara_hamilton09I can’t wait to meet their little girl!

Emerson James | Niagara Newborn Photographer

liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton01Mr. Emerson James sure gave me a run for my money, but after his sister’s newborn session 3 years ago, I knew exactly what to expect.  I spent 5 hours with EJ last week and I loved every second of it! I got so much cuddle time trying to get this sensitive little soul to sleep. Luckily I’m just as stubborn as he is and when it comes to getting the shots, I don’t give up.
liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton02 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton03 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton08 Mom wanted to incorporate this old Tonka truck into EJ’s portraits, I love the way these two turned out.  (Even if it did take an hour.)  So worth it!! liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton09 liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton10 I can’t believe how much Ashton has grown. It feels like I was just photographing her (five hour!) newborn session and now she’s a big sister! liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton11 Kermit didn’t make it in time for Miss Piggy’s Halloween Mini Session, so I had to throw these two together for Mom! Best. Costumes. Ever. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year.liz_czinege_newborn_photographer_niagara_hamilton12

The Walkers | Niagara Family Photographer

liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton01 The Walkers were one of the lucky winners from my 12 Days of Giveaways last year. We lucked out on the weather – warm, overcast and the trees were PERFECT! These two chose the perfect location for their family portraits.  The little miss didn’t want to be photographed, but few kids can resist my natural charm and hilarious personality. (Kidding! Well.. kinda, kids really can’t help but love me for some reason!)liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton02 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton03 I love these fun natural shots with Mom and Dad. liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 Miss Giggles, way too cute!liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton06 Ah, fall is fading too quickly. I can’t get enough of the beautiful colours.liz_czinege_family_photographer_niagara_hamilton07