Kenzie | Niagara Child Photographer

liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_01 I wasn’t sure how these portraits were going to go, I was a little bit nervous.  Last time I met Kenz she was super shy and wouldn’t talk to me, but after only a few minutes she opened right up and was a perfect model! Smiling on demand, posing perfectly, chatting away with me. Perfection! liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_02 liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_03 liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_04 I love these two portraits with dad, way too sweet. liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_05 liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_06 Some photographs are just made to be black and white. The tones in these, ahhhhhhh. liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_07 Kenz picked me a whole bouquet of wild flowers.  liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_08 I love how natural this portrait is, so focused on what she’s doing. liz_czinege_child_photographer_hamilton_niagara_09 I had a lot of fun photographing Kenz, she was so great to work with!

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