Muldoon’s | Hamilton Family Photographer

liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer1 I had a lot of fun with this little family.  It was a wee bit chilly, but they pushed through and we got some adorable family portraits for them! Thank you for being champs and putting up with my “just one more.”liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer4 I think this is my favourite portrait from the day. There’s just something about it!liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer5 liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer6 liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer3 liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer7 liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer8 When Erin and I had our pre consultation she said that she wanted a lot of fun, candid shots. I think we were successful! liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer2 liz_czinege_hamilton_family_photographer9

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