Allie | Niagara Child Photographer

A few months ago Allie’s mom posted this photograph on Instagram and I instantly knew I wanted to recreate it. I loved the carefree vibe I got from the image – running through the grass barefoot. Ahhhh, summer.Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.14.54 AM

After planning and rescheduling for the perfect sunny day, this was the result!
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child08I captured some other portraits of Allie while we were at her Grandmother’s, I love the effect that the bugs have in this image!
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child02 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child03 Allie’s smile is so contagious, I just love this little girl!
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child07While I enjoy the portraits of Allie in the grass, the following photographs are my favourite from the session. This wild child is always on the move, so when I was looking through the photographs afterwards and found this portrait of Allie sitting (on the door of an old outhouse of all things!) and looking perfectly at the camera I knew that it was “the photograph” from the session.liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child09
At their Christmas session I took some great portraits of Ryan, Allie’s brother. They are some of my favourites that I have ever taken and they match perfectly with Allie’s new portraits. I hope mom and dad hang at least one combination of the photographs together!
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child06 These kids won the gene pool lottery! Seriously though, look at those faces!! liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child05

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