The Fowlers | Hamilton Family Photographer

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child01A few months ago I was contacted by Madison at the Sunshine Foundation of Canada and asked if I would donate my time to photograph a deserving family who had a child lucky enough to receive a wish through the foundation. I was more than happy to say yes!

The Fowlers have had 3 of their 4 children receive wishes from the Sunshine Foundation. The fourth being only 16 months old and spending over 330 days in the hospital already.

As I was photographing I couldn’t help but think that it takes a very special kind of person to welcome not one, but four special needs children into their lives. Two of the children are foster kids so for their protection their portraits can not be posted online, however I can post DoraLee and Damien!

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child02 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child05 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child03 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child04 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child06

I loved photographing these kids, I think we all have something to learn from them – so carefree and happy!  The Fowlers were very down to earth people and had real expectations about their session. I truly had a lot of fun photographing the four kids. Going into this session I wasn’t sure what to expect, however I think these photographs turned out better then anyone could have anticipated.

Dan&Danielle | Niagara Engagement Photographer


Meet Dan and Danielle (Yes, yes, they know! Daniel and Danielle. Ha Ha.) Or as I affectionately like to call them, Dan² (Dan-Squared).

Danielle and Dan met exactly two years before their engagement session. Dan was born in Poland. He speaks Polish and plays the accordion – an instant hit with Danielle’s mom. Not to mention he is caring, funny and cleans up after himself, everything you want in a man. (Plus.. wait until you see the ring!) Danielle could not have found anyone more perfect for her. The more time I spend with them, the more I see how perfect they are for each other.

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding01 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding03liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding04 I normally don’t share this many images, but I just couldn’t help myself. liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding05 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding06 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding07Dan² started dating around the same time that I start dating Danielle’s brother (where’s my ring?!) I was honoured when they asked me to photograph their wedding and I’m so excited! I’ve gotten to know Dan² over the past few years, but over the last few months I’ve gotten to spend a lot more time with them. We get along really well, mostly because they get my sense of humour. I would be more than happy to one day add these two to my family. liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding08liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding09How beautiful are their babies going to be – I can’t wait to become an (almost) Aunt again!
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_engagement_wedding10You’ll see these two again when I photograph their October wedding, it’s going to be a fun day! I honestly can not wait to see these two get married!

Madilynn | 3 Months | Niagara Child Photographer

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child07 I can’t believe it has already been three months since I photographed Madilynn when she was 8 days old. It is crazy how quickly they change, I absolutely LOVE doing these side by side comparisons! You may also recognize this superstar baby from my Behind the Lens video. (Check it out here if you haven’t!)
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child01liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child05I am in love with Madilynn’s eyes, they’re just GORGEOUS! The entire time I was editing I couldn’t get over her eyes, I can’t get enough of this little one!liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child02 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child04 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child03 Madilynn just began laughing and during our session I was able to capture a full-out belly laugh – so great. Her mama loved this one! liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child06I am excited to capture her first year, I can imagine that this time is going to fly by, sorry mama! But I can’t wait to watch her grow!

Niamh | 1 Year | Hamilton Child Photographer


Miss Niamh (pronounced Neve) is almost one! We held the session at Niamh’s grandparents farm in Beamsville. Surrounded by a vineyard, an orchard and Irish accents, I can honestly say it was such a pleasure to photograph Niamh and her family. With Niamh’s grandparents visiting from Ireland, it was a great opportunity to capture portraits with both set of Grandparents for Niamh’s first birthday.

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children02The dog’s wanted to be part of the portrait session too, photo bombing every chance they got. But that’s okay, because by the end of the session I was in love with these rescued Vizsla’s (they’re Hungarian hunting dogs, so I felt a connection to them HA!)

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children03 I’ve had “You’ve got the cutest little baby face, there isn’t another one to take your place.” on repeat in my head since I photographed Niamh. Her grandparents sang it repeatedly to make her smile, whatever works!liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children05I am in LOVE with the family portrait, it really doesn’t get much more natural then this. liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children06
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children01 After the session I was invited to stay for tea and cheese – who can say no to that?! Especially when it involved loose tea and actual tea cups! Afterwards Niamh, her mom and I snuck out to take a few more photographs which turned out to be my favourites from the session! liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children08liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_children07

The Milson’s | Hamilton Family Photographer

liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer04This adorable family came all the way from London, Ontario for a family portrait session with me. Being new to Hamilton myself, I went location-scouting to find the perfect spot for their style! (And found some other great ones in the process – I can’t wait to shoot there!)

While Peyton could be bribed with candy, Riley was a little less co-operative and not at all interested in bribes. But we got some great shots regardless! As parents you want that perfect shot, but as we all know children are unpredictable and sometimes you have to settle for portraits that are more natural. I’m loving the way these ones turned out.

liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer09 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer05 I love these fun shots, they might be my favourite from the day!liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer06 “Boys will be boys” is what I walked away from this shoot thinking to myself. Many stones, sticks and chunks of dirt were touched and/or put into mouths during the session. But what can you do!liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer03 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer01 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer11 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer10liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer07 liz_czinege_hamilton_niagara_family_photographer08I had a lot of fun spending my morning with these folks. I hope the boys especially will grow up and cherish these images.