Madilynn | 8 Days | Niagara Newborn Photographer


I have known Madilynn’s mom for quite a few years. When I found out that she was (finally!) expecting I was so happy for her. Madilynn is a beautiful healthy little girl, I could just cuddle her forever!
Those sweet lips get me every time! This is my favourite portrait for the session.liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child02 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child03 How sweet is this photograph, she is perfect! liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child04
liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child05 I am loving this side profile shot, I’ve done it with my last few newborn sessions. Parents always adore all the little details in this pose. liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child06 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child08 Is there anything sweeter then little baby toes?! liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child07 This little miss gave me such a hard time posing her, she definitely likes being on her tummy. But all the portraits turned out so different and mommy loves them!liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child09 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_newborn_child10You will be seeing more of Madilynn on my blog over the next year as she is part of my Beautiful Journey package. I can’t wait to watch her grow up!

Does Anyone Read These Things?

A few weeks ago I was deciding whether or not to offer Easter Minis. They have never appealed to me; plastic eggs, live unsanitary animals (however cute!), AstroTurf. Whether you know me personally or follow my photography, there’s a good chance that you know those things are the furthest from my style. “I solemnly swear never to use AstroTurf..”

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_maternity10Art is subjective, everyone is different. What looks amazing to someone might look terrible to someone else. Every photographer has their own style, and every person has their favourite photographer.Montage - Grass

I pride myself on capturing natural, timeless portraits. There have been hits and misses along the way (everyone starts somewhere). But as I continue to grow and evolve, like any artist, my style has become more distinctive and more “me”. It is about what makes me happy and my creative freedom, rather than worrying about what other photographers are doing or what people will think of the photographs.

Liz Czinege Newborn Child Photographer Niagara Hamilton07It wasn’t until a someone told me they liked my style that I realized I had one, and then proceeded to have this revelation.

I’m not sure if anyone even reads my blog posts but these personal (albeit rambling) ones are my favourite to write. They’re raw, they probably have spelling or grammar mistakes, but they’re very much me. I love when I discover a new blog and after reading a few posts I feel like I have gotten to know the writer. That is what I aim to do with all of my posts. And if you are reading them (I hope you are!) I’d love for you to leave comments and feedback. You’re getting to know me, let me get to know you!

Till next time,

(Oh ps. I am offering SPRING Mini-Sessions on March 29th, my last minis until Halloween. Email me at for more information.)

I Love First Birthdays!

I LOVE when my newborns come back for their first birthday! It is so nice to see how much they have grown and I am honoured that their parents have chosen me to capture their next huge milestone!

I decided to put together a little post of two first birthdays that I captured, I hope you enjoy these cuties! Who am I kidding, what’s not to love about happy babies and cake!

liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child11 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child01 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child12 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child02 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child03 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child05 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child04 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child06 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child13liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child09 liz_czinege_photography_niagara_hamilton_child10