Is it Spring yet??

liz czinege photography spring

Is anyone else wondering if Spring will ever come? The groundhog told us six more weeks of winter, which means that this cold, dreary time should be coming to an end soon. But as I sit here in my bulky sweater and wool socks I can’t help but wonder when.

I long to walk outside and not have profanities spill from my mouth involuntarily due to the bitter cold. (C’mon, we both know you do it too.) And I can not wait for the orchards to start to bloom. When that happens I will definitely be taking the back roads from Hamilton to Niagara – windows down, radio blasting some country tunes. Ahhhh..

As a natural light photographer (and a country girl), I much prefer photographing outdoors over a studio. There’s just something about photographing families and children outdoors that appeals to me. Maybe it’s the ability to play with the light, or the fresh air, or the open spaces – whatever it is, I sit here writing this with a twinge of excitement because soon I will be out there doing what I love, surrounded by so much beauty and beautiful people.

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