Tara | Niagara Maternity Photographer

liz czinege niagara maternity photographer3Last November, I had the pleasure of photographing Tara and Derek’s wedding. We kept in touch and when I found out that they were expecting I was so happy for them!

When the time came to capture maternity portraits, Tara wasn’t sure she wanted them. She, like most women, thought that they would be awkward. It was one of the reasons I wrote my Maternity Misconceptions blog, I knew this was a feeling that she shared with many other expecting women. I not so subtly suggested that Tara read my blog post, but after she read it she still wasn’t sure. 

When Derek heard about the experience (I treat all my mama to professional hair and make-up – we go all out.) he just had to get it for his wife. He contacted me and we started discussing a date. Coincidentally their one year anniversary was coming up so we decided to capture their maternity portraits on that date in the exactly same location.  How sweet is that?! 

I showed up at Tara’s doorstep and she had no idea what was going on. When I explained what Derek had done, the look on her face was amazing! Some disbelief and a few tears later – lets blame the hormones – she was packed away in my car and we were heading for the salon! The girls worked their magic and made Tara “feel like a celebrity” – her words, not mine!

She is one gorgeous mom-to-be! I can’t wait to meet their little one!

liz czinege niagara maternity photographer5liz czinege niagara maternity photographer4liz czinege niagara maternity photographer6liz czinege niagara maternity photographer7liz czinege niagara maternity photographer2Once it all sank it, Tara gasped and asked if we could re-create her favourite wedding photo – of course! I can’t wait to complete this triptych next year!! liz czinege niagara maternity photographer1Derek brought along three of their SIX fur babies, how cute are those puppies! liz czinege niagara maternity photographer8When I posted Tara’s sneak peek on my Facebook Page, I  immediately received a message saying how happy she was that she went through with the maternity portraits. From feeling like a celebrity to making her look amazing – she loved the experience! THIS is why I do what I do!

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