Kerri&Ryan | 09/29/12

Last spring I had a lot of fun taking Kerri&Ryan’s engagement photos at Point Abino. As we talked about their wedding plans, I grew even more excited to capture their wedding.

It was a beautiful, warm September day when I arrived at the Bride’s house. Kerri chose to have two of her four younger sisters to help her dressed. Even with the chaos that comes with eight girls getting ready, it proved to be an intimate moment for the three sisters. A moment that they had imagined and rehearsed countless times growing up.

Montage - DressingKerri&Ryan

Before the ceremony we stopped at HH Knoll Park to take some photos of the beautiful Dyson family. 
Each bridesmaid wore a different colour dress with a matching hairpiece and ribbon on their bouquet. This was such a great idea, as it made for unique photos!


The ceremony took place in Kerri’s childhood church. After the “I do’s” were exchanged, Kerri’s Grandad bagpiped the newlyweds out of the church – it was a very special moment!



I had a lot of fun with this wedding party – they were great fun! Kerri&Ryan



Such a gorgeous bride! Kerri&Ryan




Photographing my best friend’s sister was a great experience, but on top of that I got the opportunity to see (and photograph!) inside of a house I’ve always been curious about.  As a photographer, I am always thinking to myself “I’d love to photograph there.” Sometimes your dreams come true, and I couldn’t think of a better location to photograph Kerri&Ryan!


I had some fun with this shot, I’m so in love with historic houses!

Kerri&RyanCandy by Katie supplied the candy and decorated the table at the reception. Of course it was a huge hit, when you’re presented with a table filled with candy you can’t help but let your inner child loose! There was a little something for everyone. Kerri&Ryan Montage - CandyKerri&Ryan

I love the wedding party in the background of the first dance. Kerri&RyanFor me, and I’m sure for many of the guests, this was one of the most memorable moments of the day. When Kerri invited her sisters to join her for the Father Daughter dance I don’t think that there was a dry eye in the room.

Montage - Dance

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