Halloween Costume Contest!

Hey Everyone!!

It’s time for my first ever Halloween Costume Contest!

Below are photos that I took during my Halloween Mini-Sessions, look through them and pick your favourite costume. When you’ve decided, leave a comment at the bottom of the post indicating which child you would like to vote for. The winner will receive a free 8×10 from the session. ((Only vote per person please! Contest ends October 26th.))

Happy Halloween!

Snow White ((Khloe))
FairyΒ ((Eva))

Transformer ((Krisztofer))

Lady Bug ((Julia))

The Hulk ((Faith))

Captain America ((Damon))

Evil Witch ((Matthias))

Tiger ((Eliza))

113 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Contest!

  1. Captain America is the cutest!! OMG!!! What a cute picture of an adorable little boy!! You save the world buddy!! πŸ™‚

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