Katie | Niagara Maternity Photographer

November 2011 (A little late I know.!)
I’ve known Katie for a few years now. When we worked together at Sherkston Shores, she talked of Dave and their dog Shelley frequently. I remember her telling me the story of how she and Dave met (and her subsequently moving across the world to be with him), it gave me goosebumps.
They’d been together forever it seemed, so when she came into work and said “Guess what!” I immediately thought that she was pregnant, but all things in good time. Dave had proposed (such a cute proposal too, love his style!), they got married in Australia and a few months later she told me that she was pregnant, a girl, so exciting! She always wanted a little red -haired girl named Julia!

These two are the sweetest people you will ever meet, and will undoubtedly make amazing parents! Congrats you two!

2 thoughts on “Katie | Niagara Maternity Photographer

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  2. Love you work Liz, such beautiful photos of my glowing and radient sister, best father-to-be, and the ‘bump’ that is now the angel-baby Julia.

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