My First Post

What to write… what to write.. I feel as though this post needs to be monumental! As it is my last, first blog post. It is a historic post.

I’ll begin by telling you what I’ve been up to lately. After graduating from Fanshawe last year, I have been buying equipment, building up my portfolio and shaping my business. Asking myself the big questions; what to shoot, what to charge, what packages and extras I want to offer. And after all that, I think I’m finally ready to start seriously pursuing this as a career.

I’ve spent the last few days building this blog and updating my website, it’s definitely a work in process! Web design is not something they taught a lot of in the Photography program, so this update might take a while, please be patient.

If you came to my blog looking for photos, I assure you there will be some posted soon. I have several family and engagement shoots coming up, now that the weather is getting nicer, I can’t wait! (If you’re interested in photos you can email me at

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have supported me, and continue to support me, as I take on this endeavour. You have not gone unnoticed. Thank you.

That’s all for now,
– Liz Czinege

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