Serena&Luke|Destination Wedding

Two years ago, November, 2010, my cousin Serena, asked me if I would take her engagement photos. Of course I said yes! I was still attending college at the time and this was to be my first ever engagement session, I was so excited!

A few months later she asked if I would be the photographer for her destination wedding in Jamaica! Of course I said yes; I get to photograph my cousin on her big day and spend a week in the sun surrounded by family, who could say no??

The day finally came and Serena&Luke, accompanied by 45 guests, arrived at Gran Bahia Principe Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. The weather that week could not have been better; hot and sunny! The resort was gorgeous, but some might argue that more importantly, it had thee best Jerk Chicken!

During the week I had the chance to get to know Luke and his family a little better.  Luke is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met; polite, well raised. (Is that still something people say?). His parents are incredibly kind, my cousin is a very lucky girl.

I couldn’t wait to photograph Serena and Luke. Every where they went the Jamaicans called them colouring books because of the amount of tattoos they have. I knew that these were not going to be your typical photos, I couldn’t wait to get some unique shots!  The day of the wedding we woke up to a cloudy sky, but by 4pm the sky was clear and it was a perfect day for a wedding. A beautiful day with beautiful people.

The maids decorated the room for the occasion. It was gorgeous, flowers completely covered the bed.

I was able to slip away from the girls for a few minutes while they are getting dressed to spend time with the guys before the wedding. I love how casual these photos turned out, the guys were so laid-back!

Serena was such a beautiful bride!At 4pm, Serena and her father began walking down the aisle.

In keeping with the Jamaican spirit, when asked if he took Serena to be his wife, Luke responded with “Ya Mon!”

It was pretty windy at the gazebo by the ocean, but it kept the guests cool!

The Ceremony was short and sweet, the Bride and Groom walked down the aisle and the champaign was popped!

I love this photo of Luke and his Mom.

Serena and Luke accompanied by their guests.

I love this photo, Serena&Luke are a gorgeous couple.

It was a little hectic and we tried to get all of the photos before we ran out of light, but the setting sun was so pretty!

I saved the best for last! This was the last photo I took that day, and it turned out to be my favourite!

I am so honoured that I got the opportunity to be part of Serena&Luke’s big day!

My First Post

What to write… what to write.. I feel as though this post needs to be monumental! As it is my last, first blog post. It is a historic post.

I’ll begin by telling you what I’ve been up to lately. After graduating from Fanshawe last year, I have been buying equipment, building up my portfolio and shaping my business. Asking myself the big questions; what to shoot, what to charge, what packages and extras I want to offer. And after all that, I think I’m finally ready to start seriously pursuing this as a career.

I’ve spent the last few days building this blog and updating my website, it’s definitely a work in process! Web design is not something they taught a lot of in the Photography program, so this update might take a while, please be patient.

If you came to my blog looking for photos, I assure you there will be some posted soon. I have several family and engagement shoots coming up, now that the weather is getting nicer, I can’t wait! (If you’re interested in photos you can email me at

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have supported me, and continue to support me, as I take on this endeavour. You have not gone unnoticed. Thank you.

That’s all for now,
– Liz Czinege